Oolite Saga

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The Oolite Saga is a series of four fan-fiction stories based in the Oolite Universe written by Drew Wagar.


The first book, Status Quo, tells of the invention of the Q-Bomb in the year 3138. Jim Feynman, a brilliant scientist, aided by the feisty and embittered pilot Rebecca Tyley, foil a plot to destroy the Imperial Capital Achenar and defeat a mysterious assassin.

In the second book, Mutabilis, after a series of mysterious murders of high-profile GalCop personnel, Jim and Rebecca are separately recruited to pursue the assassin from the previous story. They become entangled in a dangerous quest for the legendary planet Raxxla. Mutabilis is set two years on from Status Quo, and has a darker more malevolent tone. It also contains a cameo by Captain Hesperus.

In the third book, Incursio, Jim and Rebecca reprise their roles in the midst of a war between humankind and the Thargoids in the year 3151, alongside characters from the Oolite forum: Daddyhoggy, Coyote, Derik(Cmdr Wyvern), Udian(Clym Angus), Blaze o' Glory(Disembodied), Cheyd and Myy'q(Maik). Rebecca, Coyote, Derik and Udian are blackmailed by the GalNavy and forced to smuggle a deadly bio-weapon across Chart One with the aim of testing it on the Thargoids. Jim and Daddyhoggy manage to partially discover the reason for the Thargoid invasion. As the book closes Rebecca is kidnapped by the Thargoids.

The fourth book, Finis, complete's the Saga. Finis tells of the increasing xenophobia of Galcop, the real reason behind the Thargoid's continual attacks on humanity and the ultimate fate of Jim, Rebecca and the other characters from Incursio. Raxxla is once again involved...

The Oolite Saga has its own facebook fan page and the authors website information about the books can be found here.