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Mission Index


  • Cloaking Device G5
  • Constrictor Hunt G1/2
  • Nova G4
  • Thargoid Plans G3
  • Trumbles


- UPDATE NOTES: The links on this page will point to the latest known version of the OXP. This may be a link on Oosat1, Oosat2, a Box link or an internal link to a Wiki Page. The latest download links for all types of OXPs are also found on the OXP page. Many Mission OXPs have older (and often buggy) versions, so do use the versions on this page or the OXP page!

  • The Assassins Guild V1.3 - 21 interlinked missions and assassinations. Murder to order in Galaxy 7! This link will take you to the new version of The Assassins Guild. The versions on Oosat 1 and 2 are old versions. Use Version 1.3!
  • Aquatics - The Kraken IV - A Galaxy 3 mission in the Aqualina system, to catch up with and destroy a stolen HammerHead heavy carrier with two Leviathan weapons platforms on board, and thus earn the gratitude and favour of the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation.
  • Asteroid Storm V3.46 - Defend the Station from a vast Asteroid strike in Galaxy 1. Updated from the version on Oosat2, and expanded for Oolite 1.70 and above. Updated again on 17/8/08. The new version fixes a bug which meant only one type of new asteroid was added to the game rather than the intended twelve types.
  • Bank of the Black Monks - Loans available with unpleasant penalty clauses for non-payment! (Updated 14/7/08 to include a Shader Version).
  • Galactic Navy V4.0 - Join the Navy Reserves and fight along side massive capital ships in epic fleet engagements.
  • Ionics Version 1.2.2 - A series of missions in Galaxy 2. Use this updated version rather than the one on Oosat1, as the old version has a bug which makes one mission impossible to complete!
  • Lave Academy - Three "training" missions for new Commanders (although can be played and hopefully enjoyed by anyone) - gunnery, piloting and docking skills are all tested. Centred around the orbital academy station near Lave, although additional locations are possible from v1.1 onward (adjustable via OXPConfig).
  • Localhero. - A mission campaign in the first 5 galaxies. Support the local police against an ex-general and his group.
  • The Longway Mission - Well suited for a Galaxy 1 novice Ooliteer.
  • Lovecats 1.2 - Love and betrayal amongst the vicious furry feline races of Galaxy 4.
  • Military Fiasco Version 2.0. - A Military task against all odds. Use this updated version rather than the one on Oosat2, as the old version will clash with other missions!
  • Pirate Coves - Turns half of the incidental Rock Hermits into pirate bases.
  • Random Hits Version 1.3.6 (Beta) – Adds Seedy Space Bars to the space lanes of all Anarchy Systems. Commanders who chose to dock with one can view a Bulletin Board displaying details of the local Galaxies Most Wanted Criminals. Large bounties are paid for killing or capturing one of these offenders. Missions are procedurally generated using a database of over 40,000 words creating over one trillion different Bulletin Board Advertisements. Missions are therefore effectively never-ending. This OXP requires Version 1.72.2 of Oolite (Updated to V1.3.6 on 5th August 2009).
  • Spyhunter - A mission for the Galactic Navy, to hunt down a rival galactic agency spy.
(NOTE: Version 1 contains a bug, the link now points to the updated version on Oosat2. Use this one rather than the old one!)
  • Thargoid Wars Version 4.1 - War with the Thargoids intensifies again, with new attack missions. Use this updated version rather than the one on Oosat1, as the old version will clash with other missions!
  • Vector - These missions will stumble in your life - Rich man, fast money and risky actions.

(Links lead to the latest version of the OXP.)

Mission Requirements


Cloaking Device

  • Takes place in Galaxy 5.

Constrictor Hunt

  • Must have 256 kills.
  • Must be in Galaxy 1 or 2.


  • Must have a Galactic Hyperdrive fitted.
  • Must also be in Galaxy 4.

Thargoid Plans

  • Must have 1281 kills.
  • Must be in Galaxy 3.
  • Requires fulfilment of Constrictor Hunt.


  • Initiated at a 6553.5 Cr. purse.


The Assassins Guild

  • Must be docked anywhere in Galaxy 7.
  • Must have more than 200 kills before the Guild will approach you.
  • Must remain in Galaxy 7 to be offered further missions.
  • Further Missions also depend on your Elite and Guild Ratings.

Aquatics - The Kraken IV

  • Must be at least Dangerous rank (512+ kills).
  • Must be in the Aqualina system in Galaxy 3 (begins when docked at the main Corporate HQ station).
  • Must be in good standing with the Corporation.

Asteroid Storm

  • Must be rated at least Above Average (64+ kills).
  • Begins when docked at Leesti Station in Galaxy 1.

Bank of the Black Monks

  • Begins when docked at any Black Monk Monastary.
  • These stations only appear in Systems with a Tech Level of 11+.


  • Must have 1700 kills.
  • Must be in Galaxy 4, begins when docked.
  • At some point during the missions you will trigger the Nova mission as well, if you haven't fininshed it before.


  • Must be at Zaria, Galaxy 2.

Galactic Navy

  • Must be docked at any SecCom Station.
  • Must be at least Competent to join Reserves.

Galactic Navy Spec Ops

  • Must be in Galaxy 6.
  • Must be docked at any SecCom Station.
  • Must have flown at least 10 Reserve Sorties.


  • Must have 50+ kills.
  • Must be in the first 5 galaxies.
  • Must be lawful.
  • Missions only offered in Tech Level 8+ confederacy systems

The Longway Mission

  • Begins at Biarge, Galaxy 1.

Love Cats

  • Begins when docked in Galaxy 4.
  • Must have completed both the Nova and Constrictor Missions.

Military Fiasco

  • Must have 1000 kills.
  • Must be lawful.

Oo-haul Escort Missions

  • Must have rating Average or better.
  • Must be docked at a Pi-42 (appears in non-anarchy systems with a population of 4 billion or more when Your Ad Here! is installed).
  • Must have a good standing with the Oo-Haul corp (at least 15 jumps since turning down a contract or 20 since ditching a mission or 25 since failing).

If the requirements are fulfilled, you have 1/5 chance of being offered a mission. Oo-haul missions may be played any number of times.

The presence of a Pi-42 Clerk near the witchpoint is the hint to a mission being offered in the current system.

Pirate Coves

  • Instantly initiated. It turns 50% of Rock Hermits into pirate bases. They look just like Hermits (they're reported by your identification system as such) and there is no way to tell the difference until the base launches a group of pirate ships to attack you.

Random Hits

  • Must be docked at any Seedy Space Bar. (These stations appear in all Anarchy Systems in all eight Galaxies).
  • Must be rated at least Average to qualify for an easy mission.
  • Must be rated at least Competent to qualify for a medium mission.
  • Must be rated at least Dangerous to qualify for a difficult mission.
  • Special Missions can be offered to those who complete sufficent standard missions.

The Scourge of the Black Baron

  • Must have at least 151 kills
  • Begins at Teesdi, Galaxy 1.


  • Must have 512 kills.
  • Must be at Inines, Galaxy 1.


Mission 1:

  • Must be competent (have at least 128 kills).
  • Must be clean.
  • Must be at Taranis Corporation HQ, Lerelace, Galaxy 1.

Thargoid Wars

  • Must not be in Galaxy 1.
  • Begins when docked.

Trident Down

  • Combat rating of Dangerous or above (512+ kills).
  • Begins when docked in any main station in Galaxy 4.

UPS Courier Company

  • Instantly initiated.
  • Get on with your ordinary Oolite business and from time to time the UPS Courier Company will be in contact with transport and combat missions!


Or Richmans World :-)

  • 150++ kills for the standard, 300++ for the background story
  • Possibly picked up while doing other things

Certain SPOILER facts


Hint: Trumbles are best served hot.