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Q: Every so often some of the messages (either from other ships or from my ship) on the bottom of the screen remain and end up 'scrolling' up the screen to cover my gunsights. What's up with that?

A: The 'sticky messages' bug is, unfortunately a long standing issue in Oolite, but the tireless developers are trying to rectify this. In the meantime, flicking between views (either internal or external) is probably the quickest way to clear the messages.

Q: Will there ever be an Oolite Massive Multi-player Online Role-Play Game (MMORPG)?

A: At present Ahruman and Co. have no plans to develop either Oolite or a separate branch to accomodate either an MMORPG or an MOG (Multi-player Online Game). This, however, doesn't mean one of you clever bods out there can't try ;)