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Quite a few OXPs are using script_info keys to define specific settings per entity or per equipment and it gets harder to keep track of all possibilities with every new released OXP.

This page gives a short overview about used keys in OXPs in shipdata.plist.

Keyname Category OXP Short description
bgs_chatter Station BGS Adds chatter soundfile(s).
bgs_countonly Playership BGS Disables ambient sounds for hyperjumps.
bgs_engine Playership BGS Specifies ambient engine sound.
bgs_engineDown Playership BGS Specifies engine sound when decelerating.
bgs_engineUp Playership BGS Specifies engine sound when accelerating.
bgs_music Station BGS Specifies musicfile(s) when docked.
bgs_nocrowd Station BGS Disables ambient sound when docked.
bgs_nomusic Station BGS Disables music when docked.
bombType Armoury
bounty Random Hits
ccl_missionShip Ship Cabal_Common_Library Flags this ship as mission relevant.
ccl_secureChannel Ship Cabal_Common_Library Property in the ship-script that holds the object for ship2ship communications.
ccl_secureChannelPrep Ship Cabal_Common_Library Function in the ship-script that initiates the object.
DroneEquipment Armoury
extraMissileLauncher Random Hits
grs_dockinglength Ship BuoyRepair Specifies distance for external dockers on buoyRepair facilities.
hateScore Random Hits
launchingRack Armoury
launch_name Armoury
level Random Hits
markLevel Random Hits
nextBuoy Lave Academies
npc_shields NPC-shields
podChance Random Hits
podType Random Hits
qmineChance Random Hits
score Galactic Navy
ship_name Aquatics
skilled_npcs_role Skilled_NPCs Controls behaviour for accuracy changes.
snoopersNews Station Snoopers Enables Snoopers on non-main stations or stations without NPC traffic.
telescope Telescope Alter the detection range of the ships, detect custom stations.
thargoidRepairBotChance RepairBots
UPSAIName UPS_Courier
vector_epodName Ship Vector Suffix for special ships.
vector_name Ship Vector Suffix for special ships. Used in descriptions too.
vector_ovcycle Ship Vector Overlay fadeout after vector_ovcycle seconds.