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Energy Grid
Civilian version, able to to route .5 of available recharge energy
*Tech_Level - 10
*Cost - 2,500 credits
*Required Equipment - [[Extra_Energy_Unit|Extra Energy Unit]]
*Incompatible with [[Naval_energy_unit|Naval Energy Unit]]
Naval Energy Grid
Military-grade version, designed to work with Naval Energy Unit. Can route .9 of available recharge energy
*Tech Level - 14.
*Tech Level - 14.
*Cost - 65,000 credits.
*Cost - 65,000 credits.
*Required Equipment - [[Naval_energy_unit|Naval Energy Unit]]
*Required Equipment - [[Naval_energy_unit|Naval Energy Unit]] and [[Military_Shield_Enhancement|Military Shield Boosters]].

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A military piece of kit which properly links the Naval Energy Unit to Military-boosted Shields. It gives an improved recharging rate and better energy flow. It can also re-route energy to either the shields or energy banks, although this is automatically overridden if the shields are fully charged or the ships energy levels are low.



This OXP requires at least test version 1.82 of Oolite.


Oolite 1.82+

version 1.11.1

Naval Grid oxp v.1.11.1

here OXZ format (downloaded 52 times).

Older versions

Oolite 1.76+ , version 1.00

NOTE : doesn't have civilian version

here OXZ format (downloaded 5943 times).

oxp format


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