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*Tech_Level - 10
*Tech_Level - 10
*Cost - 2,500 credits
*Cost - 2,500 credits
*Required Equipment - [[Extra_energy_unit|Extra Energy Unit]]
*Required Equipment - [[Extra_Energy_Unit|Extra Energy Unit]]
*Incompatible with [[Naval_energy_unit|Naval Energy Unit]]
*Incompatible with [[Naval_energy_unit|Naval Energy Unit]]

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A piece of kit which routes recharge energy from energy units to the shields. This results in an improved shield recharge. It was developed by the Military, but a civilian version with lower specs has been introduced recently.


Energy Grid

Civilian version, able to to route .5 of available recharge energy

Naval Energy Grid

Military-grade version, designed to work with Naval Energy Unit. Can route .9 of available recharge energy


This OXP requires at least test version 1.82 of Oolite.


Oolite 1.82+

version 1.10

Naval Grid oxp v.1.10

here OXZ format (downloaded 112 times).

Older versions

Oolite 1.76+ , version 1.00

NOTE : doesn't have civilian version

here OXZ format (downloaded 5943 times).

oxp format


forum thread