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Mutabilis. Cover by Neil Badman


This is a Novella based on Oolite, the sequel to 'Status Quo' by Drew Wagar. It is the second part of the Oolite Saga. The third part of the Saga, Incursio is due in 2011.

"When a series of linked murders forces GalCop to outlaw the shadow organisation known as 'The Dark Wheel', a mysterious top secret document must be found in order to stave off a Galactic conflict. The document contains a devastating secret; the key to power, domination and control. A secret as old as space itself, the location of the legendary planet Raxxla."

Readers are welcome to submit feedback and comments to the author via his website.

There is also a facebook fan page.

Feedback from readers

Absolutely superb! A gripping plot from the start, characters and scenes that are the result of a very creative imagination and lucidly expressed.

Oh. That was brilliant.

Excellent! Love it!

A ripping roaring ride!

Excellent stuff, tension building up nicely!

Fantastically written!

Superb. You have surpassed yourself. Beautifully executed.

Damn fine writing!

Keep up the splendid work!

Let me thank you for this excellent story.


You can download Mutabilis from the author's website


Mutabilis is set two years after the events of Status Quo, in the year 3140. This is two years before official game time, the year 3142.

The cover design for Mutabilis was the subject of a competition. The winning entry was produced by Neil Badman and is used for both the online and hardcopy versions. You can see all the other entries below. These are also included in the online version of the story.