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Turn off and on your weapons (press twice the underscore key) when the actual laser over 60% heat to attach the Cooler, then "fire" until all heat is dissipated.

Do not press the weapons key second time too fast after the first press, else the Cooler can not attach. Must spend about 1/4 sec without weapons to get the "Laser Cooler attached" message, then turn on your weapons again.

The cooler will automatically detach when finished or when 1.0 ly fuel remain only and your laser open fire instantly. Stop cooling when a friendly target is in your crosshairs to avoid accidental hits.

This equipment use very much energy and fuel for cooling and need a ship over 130t mass like a Cobra Mark III. Your cabin temperature will be higher due to the ship take over the heat from the laser.

Your cooler can be attached to one laser at the same time.

You can detach the cooler from your laser anytime by turning off and on your weapons.

The cooler can not start his work until the weapon is in overheat. Usually this is not a noticeable problem, except if you use Laser Cannons with high heat where you probably need to wait a bit or should start cooling one shot before overheat.


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Laser_Cooler_1.1.oxz (downloaded 2718 times).


2015.08.01. v1.1  Fuel usage and cabin temp raising added, thanks to avder and Disembodied.
2015.08.01. v1.0  First release.

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