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File:TakinaClass.png |[[Takina Class Cruiser]]
File:TakinaClass.png |[[Takina Class Cruiser]]
File:Massasauga.png |[[Massasauga]]
File:Massasauga.png |[[Massasauga]]
File:Kiblue.png | Genisis KI-Blue, based on Mandoman's Genesis.
File:Ryan Villa.png |[[Ryan's Villa OXP|Ryan's Villa]]
File:Ryan Villa.png |[[Ryan's Villa OXP|Ryan's Villa]]
File:Nuitfl.jpg|Koneko Industries HQ (manythanks to Killer Wolf for letting me use his [[Nuit Space Station OXP]] for this)
File:Nuitfl.jpg|Koneko Industries HQ (manythanks to Killer Wolf for letting me use the [[Nuit Space Station OXP]] for this)

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Koneko Industries OXP
Download Link N/A
Version Work in Progress
History Koneko Industries is a company in G5
manufacturing and selling ships.
Stations Koneko Industries Headquarters, Ryan's Villa
Ships Koneko Kobra, Takina Class Cruiser,
Kestros Mk4, Massasauga,
possibly others
Missions None
Equipment None
Alternative HUD
Yes, KIhud.
Sound Set
Category Ships OXPs
Author Ryan Hoots

The Koneko Industries OXP will be an Oolite eXpansion Pack that bundles all Koneko Industries ships, along with new improvements. It will also replace Ryan's Villa OXP.

Please, feel free to ask about this OXP in the talk page for this article, as I don't plan on being back on the BB for a while.


This OXP will include the Koneko Industries line of ships, the Koneko Industries station (and Ryan's Villa), and a custom HUD sold with all Koneko Industries ships. This OXP may contain the Koneko Rocket, a short range missile with a big punch and an unbeatable price.

Completion Status

This OXP is currently mostly on the drawing board. The Koneko Industries HQ and Ryan's Villa are both in place, I just have to add the other ships, along with anything else I want to add. So, here's the raw data as of January Ninth, 2012:

Stations: Complete

Ships: I've integrated all the ships into the OXP, now I add the improvements I have in mind.

HUD: Complete, I just need to set it as standard for Koneko ships.

Missile: Not even started, but I do have a model.

Ships and Stations


This OXP is a work in progress, and as such it is not ready to be downloaded.