Kestrel & Falcon OXP

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"All ships now come with air freshener as standard!"

The Benulobiweed Testing Department is proud to announce the reintroduction of both Falcon and Kestrel to the ooniverse. Following the galaxy-wide product recall of these two models, the structural integrity and life support systems have been thoroughly revamped and now meet the safety standards of more than 30% percent of all known systems - a first in the history of our corporation! This massive increase in safety has been achieved without compromising the speed and manouvreability that you've all come to expect from a Benulobiweed Inc product.

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Ships in this OXP

Falcon sm.png
Falcon sm.png
Falcon S
Kestrel sm.png


Download the Kestrel & Falcon OXP. Alternate download on is here.