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This is a novella based on Oolite, the sequel to 'Mutabilis' by Drew Wagar and the third part of the Oolite Saga. A fourth part Finis arrived at Christmas 2011.

“When a deadly alien attack is launched across the galaxy, humankind finds itself under-prepared and overwhelmed. As star systems begin to fall, privateers take up the battle alongside the military forces and a desperate plan is hatched to stop the invaders once and for all, before humanity is eradicated.”

Readers are welcome to submit feedback and comments to the author via his website.

There is also a Facebook fan page.

A video trailer for the book, based on in-game footage, was released on the 12th of February 2011.

Feedback from readers

“Very very good. I’m not writing any more so that I don’t spoil it for others!”

“Great novel. Very well written. Incursio explains the Thargoids really well, I always wondered why they were trying to kill me. Thanks for the great read.”

“Very nice work!”

“A smashing good tale!”

“I’ve got to wait another 6 months!? You torment me, sir! An excellent read – the “Oolite Saga” flies from strength to strength!”

“Great story!”

“Can’t wait until Christmas! Write faster!!!”

“A worthy successor of ‘Status Quo’ and ‘Mutabilis’ ”

“Drew, like his stories, gets better with every iteration. Incursio is a real story where the reader will feel the emotional highs and lows of the characters. The fact that this just happens to be an Oolite inspired work of fiction is simply a bonus.”

“Balls to the wall, punch the injectors and hang on. It’s going to be a wild ride!”


Incursio is available for download from the author's website.


Whereas Status Quo and Mutabilis are set in the years 3138 and 3140 respectively, Incursio will cover the years 3149-3151, according to Selezen’s excellent Elite Timeline. For reference Elite is assumed to have been set in the year 3125, and Oolite in the year 3142.