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In System Trader OXP


In System Trader 1.4

By Dr.Tripsa 2013

Licence: CC BY 3.0

Requires Oolite version 1.77


Introduces a "living market" to systems with rewards and risks for in system trading.

Periodically individual Commodities are "refreshed" at the Main Station and other stations using the system market. The prices and amounts available are intentionally in the normal range for any given system economy. The rate of refresh depends heavily on the number of traders in system at the time. More active traders means a faster refresh and vice-versa. In keeping with the spirit of the game, black market goods such as Narcotics, Firearms and Slaves are not refreshed.

Introduces an In System Reputation.

Trade at various stations in system, be that cargo trade, passenger trade (such as in In System Taxi) or otherwise will slowly increase the players reputation in the system resulting in better parcel contracts from friends of friends. Additionally a well known player will be greeted periodically by the systems traffic control (on entering Station Aegis). A players reputation proceeds them in other systems as well, at least for a while. In the Ooniverse friendships can be short lived and absence makes the heart forget...

A reputation can be a bad thing as well, as the player becomes more well known so will their trade habits and routes. Opportunist pirates, or just a random trader the player may have rubbed the wrong way, may lay in wait along a players common routes in system to collect booty... or exact revenge for a perceived slight.

Introduces a new equipment.

The Tripsa Tel-com Autonomous Market Watch Unit, or AMW for short, will alert the player when a Commodity undergoes a change in the system. It will identify the commodity and direct the player to check the Market Datascreen (f8). This device is also movable between craft. Price: 500cr Availability: TL 9+ systems shipyards


Extensions which change or add Commodities, such as New Cargoes, will see only the base commodity types refreshed by this OXP.

Other OXPs which modify system markets, such as BlOomberg Markets will probably conflict with this OXP.


The main BB thread is here - > [1]



    First release


    Gold, platinum, liquor/wines, and alien items added to rotation.
    restock capped at 64 units.
    Moved Readme.


    Repeatedly redocking now increases the chance you will get the attention of a pirate ambush!
    Well meaning but nosy friends now will try to set you up with good parcel deals to get you out more!


    Moved Chatter to external plist
    Stock now only cycled if it has been more than one hour (game time) since your last debark with a fresh market!
    Pirates make crude, and embarrassing, threats!


    Minor Corrections   


    Ambush and greetings (when they make no sense) fixed
    Code cleanup and timer use (as suggested by spara)
    Debark timer remover, in favor of 1.77 timer function!
    cycleMarket now explicitly mainStation


    Very minor code fix


    1.21 broke it! 1.22 fixed it


    Added Autonomous Market Watch Unit


    Bugfixes as well as balancing re-factored
    Pirates now harass spacelanes instead of furballing, slowing traffic and impeading Market
    Pirates no longer taunt.
    Station greetings probability reduced and re-factored for more random chatter. 


    Trade at any station will boost System Reputation!
    Pirate ambushes and taunts returned!
    Number of pirates in ambush, and chances of an ambush, tied to system reputation!
    Ambushes can happen at any time... anywhere in system!
    over 5,880 randomly set chatters!


Available here : Dropbox

(others wishing to mirror may do so and those mirrors may be listed here as well)