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Griff has been working on producing some fantastic models of ships, which use normalmapping and shaders to produce some of the best looking ships available in Oolite. Not all ships are supported yet, announcements are made on the forum, so keep an eye on this thread.


Griff adder.jpg Griff anaconda.jpg Alloy Coming Soon.jpg Griff asp mk2.jpg
Asteroid Coming Soon.jpg Boulder Coming Soon.jpg Splinter Coming Soon.jpg Griff boa.jpg
Griff boa screenshot2.jpg Griff boa mk2.jpg Griff barrel.jpg Griff cobra mk1.jpg
Griff cobra mk3.jpg Griff cobra mk3 scuffed.jpg Griff constrictor.jpg Griff coriolis.jpg
Griff dodo.png Griff escape capsule.jpg Griff fer-de-lance blinged.jpg Griff fer-de-lance scuffed.jpg
Griff gecko sharkteeth.jpg Griff gecko.jpg Icosahedron Coming Soon.jpg Griff krait.jpg
Griff-krait.jpg Griff mamba.jpg Griff moray.jpg Griff python.jpg
Griff python alternative.jpg Griff Rock Hermit.jpg Griff shuttle.jpg Griff sidewinder.jpg
Griff sidewinder alternative.jpg Griff thargoid.jpg Griff thargoid organic.jpg Griff Thargon.png
Griff tharglet organic2.jpg Griff transporter.jpg Griff viper.jpg Griff viper interceptor.jpg
Griff viper pursuit.jpg Griff worm.jpg Sainsboorys.png

Griff's OXP Downloads

Griff's Normalmapped Ships OXP

Griff's Normalmapped Ships OXP.
Dizzy's Oolite Downloads website featuring the OXP. - Currently down. Use this alternate link to get it as a four part zip archive. The hermit and alloys still have to be downloaded individually, see below.

Griff's Normalmapped Ships - Individual Downloads.
Box.Net link to the ships available as individual downloads too in case you only want to add one or two of them to your game. Note: the individual ship downloads now require an extra oxp containing only the decal artwork to be installed. You don't need to add this oxp (and in fact you shouldn't) if you're using Dizzy's bundle oxp as the decal artwork is included in its texture folder.

Griff's Other OXPs

Dodo Stations OXP by Griff and CaptKev (1.4Mb).
Retextured Dodecahedron and Icosahedron stations OXP, v1.1. Updated version released 18th May 2010, Griff has fixed a problem with the shaders.

Flying Dutchman OXP (31.0Kb).
Featuring Griff's Wireframe Cobra.
Adds the small chance to meet a Ghost Ship in the Ooniverse. What is it? Some claim that it's the ghost of Commander Peter Jameson, reported lost at the end of the last Thargoid War, others that it is simply a manifestation of all those lost souls who were trapped in the trackless depths of interstellar space. One common story is the trail of bad luck and hideous deaths that follow in the wake of the ship's sightings...

Griff's ArcElite (201.2 Kb).
New versions of the native Oolite ships textured & shaded to resemble how they originally appeared in the Acorn Archimedes version of Elite.

Griff's Boa OXP (2.7Mb).
Box.Net link containing the famous Griff Boa, as featured in the "Oolite - It's not just for triangles anymore" images. Note: the Boa is not included in the Normalmapped Ships OXP as above. Note also that this OXP only works on Oolite 1.74.

Griff's Explosion Debris OXP (1.3Mb).
Box.Net link to an OXP that adds new alloy & debris models to exploding ships. The oxp features some cool scripting and AI coding by Thargoid which chains together various types of exploding junk in some pretty dazzling ways. For more information see this thread on the BB.

Griff's Krait OXP (2.5Mb).
A heavily modified Krait, similar in design to the Griff Boa. Note: the Krait is not included in the Normalmapped Ships OXP as above.

Related OXP's by Other Authors

Illicit Unlock - Griff Version by ADCK (3.5Kb).
Based on the original Illicit Unlock, Allows the player to fly Griffs pirate/viper Ships. (Requires Griff's Normalmapped Ships )

Random Hits OXP.
Featuring many Ships/Stations made by Griff.

Your Ad Here! OXP.
Featuring Griff's Tradestations.