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This OXP aims to provide pilots with data relating to their current sector, and provide tools pilots can use to better understand the galaxy they work in. This expansion adds a new interface screen, the "GalCop galactic registry", which had the following sub-options:

  1. Regions: Each sector has a number of galactic regions, and this menu allows pilots to see all named regions and display their location.
  2. Spacelanes: There are a number of spacelanes in each section, largely related to trade routes. This menu will list each of the different spacelanes defined in the current galactic sector, and allow you to display each route on the galactic chart.
  3. TechLevel: This menu allows pilots to highlight all systems of a particular techlevel, and (if the Advanced Navigational Array is installed) to automatically plot a course to the closest one.
  4. Government Types: This menu allows pilots to highlight all systems of government type, and (if the Advanced Navigational Array is installed) to automatically plot a course to the closest one.
  5. Economy: This menu allows pilots to highlight all systems of a particular economy, and (if the Advanced Navigational Array is installed) to automatically plot a course to the closest one.
  6. Galactic Navy Sector Commands: If you have the Galactic Navy OXP installed, this option will become available. This will highlight each system that is home to a GalNavy sector command, and (if the Advanced Navigational Array is installed) allow you to automatically plot a course to the closest one.
  7. GalCop Sector HQ: This menu allows pilots to highlight the GalCop Sector HQ system in the sector.
  8. Full system list: This function will list all systems in the sector. The list can be sorted by name, tech level, government type or economy type. Additionally, two systems can be selected from the list, and then the details of these two systems can be displayed along with a galactic map showing the route between them.
  9. Search registry: This function will take any text input and search all planetary descriptions for that criteria.

For Regions and Spacelanes, you have the option of keeping the lane or region displayed on all system maps. When the lane or region is selected, choose the "Set as permanent display" option to turn this on, and "Unset permanent display" to turn it off.

Notes about the 'Search Registry' function

The Search registry function will take all entered criteria and find any system where all the criteria are matched to at least one property.

The following properties will be searched:

  • Planetary description
  • Inhabitants description
  • Government description
  • Economy description
  • Techlevel

Some examples of search criteria:

 feline anarchy

- Will find any Anarchy system with feline inhabitants. In Galaxy 1, there are two systems that will be found for this search: Erbiti and Orrira.

 tl6 tedious

- Will find any TL6 system with 'tedious' in the planetary description. In Galaxy 1, there is only one system that will be found for this search: Aleusqu.

 frog agri tl7

- Will find any agricultural-type (poor, mainly, average or rich) TL7 system, inhabited by frogs. In Galaxy 1, there are three systems that will be found for this search: Isinor, Rebia, and Teanrebi.

Map v Systems View

For each section, it is possible to switch between the galactic map view, and a list of systems. The menu item chosen will change its description to have "(show map)" or "(show systems)" to indicate which view can be shown.


Place the 'GalCopGalacticRegistry.oxz' into your 'AddOns' folder and when you start the game, hold down 'Shift' until you see the spinning Cobra.
Alternatively, you can download the expansion using the expansion pack manager in the game itself.

3rd Party interface

It's possible for other OXP's to add their own planet lists to the registry. To add your list, use this code:

 var gr = worldScripts.GalacticRegistry;
 gr.$addCustomSystemList({name:"My Planet List", shortName:"My List", markerColor:"whiteColor", markerShape:"MARKER_DIAMOND", planetList:[1,2,3,4,5]});


nameThe text to appear on the menu.
shortNameThe text to appear in the title when the list is selected.
If not specified, this will default to the "name" property.
markerColorThe color specifier to use when marking planets on the map.
If not specified, will default to "whiteColor".
markerShapeThe shape to use for the planet markers. Must be one of MARKER_X, MARKER_PLUS, MARKER_SQUARE, MARKER_DIAMOND.
If not specified, will default to "MARKER_DIAMOND".
systemsAn array of planet ID's to be shown. The ID's must be in the current galaxy.
listTypeCan be one of the following:
unconnected: all systems in the systems list are unconnected and will be marked individually on the map
This is the default setting when "listType" is not specified.
region: all systems in the list are connected, and all possible connections between them will be highlighted on the map.
The systems themselves will not have markers.
path: each system in the list represents one point on a defined path, and only the links between consecutive items will be highlighted on the map.
The first and last system in the list will have map markers.
connectColorThe color specifier to use when highlighting links on the map.
If not specified, this will default to "greenColor".

Note: The list of custom items will be reset whenever the player enters a new galaxy. OXP's will need to re-add their data after a galactic jump. The best time to do this is during the "shipDockedWithStation" world event.

Adding an entry with the same name as an existing item will overwrite existing data with the new data.


Download GalCopGalacticRegistry.oxz v4.4 (downloaded 4357 times).


This OXP is released under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 license. To view a copy of this license, visit

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Version History


  • The 'Search registry' function will now also search government description, economy description, inhabitants description and techlevel.
  • Added a "New search" menu to the Search registry results screen.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Added ability for spacelanes and regions to be shown permanently on any chart.
  • Fixed issue where showing the system list of a region would keep the system map visible.
  • Moved some menu item text into descriptions.plist.
  • Code refactoring and cleanup.


  • Player's current route was always showing the shortest route on the map, even if the quickest route had been selected on the F6 screen.


  • Made compatible with OXP's that change the system.concealment property.
  • Added interface to allow 3rd party OXP's to add their own planet lists, regions and paths.


  • When setting a course to a target system, F7 screen will now display the new destination.


  • Added GalCop HQ system to the menu (used by Bounty System OXP, and Email System OXP).
  • Added a "search" facility where planetary descriptions can be searched for entered criteria.
  • Code refactoring.


  • Removed debug log entries.


  • Added a "Full system list", which lists all system names, and allows sorting by name, tech level, government or economy type. Also has ability to select two systems and show route between the two, as well as other system details.
  • Removed redundant header from all system lists.


  • Added ability to view a list of planet names for any given sub-section of the chart.
  • Added markers to the start and end of spacelanes.


  • Fixed issue with HUD not becoming visible again after use.


  • Changed "==" comparisons to "===" for performance improvements.
  • Fixed issue with the paging for TechLevels.


  • Updated check for "Allow Big GUI".
  • Fixed issue where the interface screen wasn't being added when docking at a new station.


  • Improved menu unsability by auto selecting the next item in the menu.
  • Updated screenID's to enable BGS background sounds.
  • Renamed background overlay image to prevent possibility of future duplication.
  • Toned down overlay image.
  • Code refactoring.


  • Removed unnecessary link to "Display Current Course".
  • Fixed issue where current course was always showing with the shortest plot.


  • Small tweaks to menu text.
  • Smugglers chart markers now removed from various Galactic Registry screens to make the image clearer.


  • Initial release

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