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Cover or undercover. We take it.

3130 MGMT - GalCop begins a programme of retrofitting out-of-date communications equipment on older vessels. At the same time, satellite and comms buoys are upgraded.

And communications companies popped up like mushrooms, offering dubious and sometimes very expensive services, each trying to grab the biggest slice of this new market, swept up by a gold rush fever. Only a handful of news agencies survived the ensuing 'War of Information' - an orgy of mergers, acquisitions, lawsuits and the occasional little bit of terrorism and sabotage - to create today's stable news market that we know and love.


GNN is the successor to Snoopers.

  • Four established news agencies. GNN, Rooters, Snoopers and the good old Tionisla Chronicle
  • Hot news for Constrictor Hunt, Nova and Asteroid Storm mission.
  • Useable for other oxps.
  • Configurable through Library.




GNN1.2.oxz (oxz, 4.1 MB)

Quick Facts

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1.2 2018-11-21 CC-by-nc-sa-4.0 Images, Sounds & Music Ambience OXPs DaddyHoggy, Disembodied, Drew & Svengali BB