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The Navy wanted a way to give its pilots in witchspace a chance to leave witchspace, even when all their fuel had been used up... Fuel tanks were an option, however this tank takes up a vital missile pylon, something vitally necessary in the midst of a battle with the Thargoids. Navy brass turned to the DTP design agency to develop, in cooperation with MIT, the Fuel Scoop Enhancer. a device MIT had worked on in the past.

After a year of research and field testing, the Fuel Collector, as it was now called, began being fitted to Navy ships. Recognising the value of such a device to all space-farers, it was not long before it was also released to the general public.


Compatible with 1.70.x, 1.71.x, 1.72.1 + 1.72.2


Current version:

Older versions:

None. Previous versions were bugfixes.