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The so-called "Free Trade Zones" exist in Multi-Government systems. They are located within mined-out Rock Hermits, dragged beyond the witchpoint beacon, where various morally dyslexic ship captains can trade outside the official, GalCop-protected, network. There are some bargains to be found – as you might expect, given how most of the goods are acquired – but quantities are often low and there are often unscrupulous individuals in the area. It's really a buyer's market, unless you find it awkward to go near main stations. Fuel and basic equipment are available, at a premium. Their out-of-the-way location can make FTZs hard to find, but they are marked as "Z" on the Advanced Space Compass.

Free Trade Zones exist because of the highly complex legal nature of Multi-Government planets, their collective paranoia over perceived sovereignty infringements by GalCop, and their general inability to make collective decisions. Although FTZs are recognised as nation states by the planetary authorities, GalCop currently regard those who visit these stations as (minor) Offenders, and will garnish your legal status accordingly. As part of the deal with GalCop, the FTZs are obliged to provide information on all who enter and leave. Despite persistent GalCop requests, however, they still refuse to give details of those ships' cargo manifests, citing "commercial confidentiality".

Free Trade Zones are found in the Free Trade Zone OXP (version 0.15, updated 8 October 2010).

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