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Far Arm Ships OXP

by Zieman

This OXP adds 10 ships, inspired by Paul Neurath's Space Rogue to the Ooniverse. There is also a new alien race called the Manchi, who pilot ships of bizarre design.

Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

The Ships

Note: the links below go to individual Ship Data pages.

Sunracer - Available to player
"With an extensive selection of options, four tons of cargo capacity, and easy upgrade abilities, the Sunracer is the choice of scouts, couriers, families, joyriders, and anyone looking for a small ship and a price to match."

Scow - Available to player.
"More of these dependable workers travel the spaceways than any other ship type. Scows place cargo capacity above all else."

Tanker - Available to player.
"The vehicle of choice for the prosperous trader, this sturdy model emphasizes cargo capacity but does not neglect defence. Though not flashy, a Tanker using skillful defense tactics can often send a more maneuverable Dart packing."

Corsair - NPC only.
"Still extremely dangerous after more than two decades of service, the Corsair model remains popular along the frontier and in lawless areas. Facing a hostile Corsair, your best tactic is to surrender your cargo and hope the pilot is in a friendly mood."

Dart - NPC only.
"A ship for pirates on a budget - no interior comforts, but it sports a highly-tuned engine and astounding maneuverability. In combat with a Dart, fly an erratic course and try to wear down its armor."

Hunter - NPC only.
"With their quad lasers, Hunters are efficient killers. A favorite of bounty hunters, they are often found prowling the lawless regions for prey."

Cruiser - NPC only.
"Whereas Titans patrol the lawless frontiers of space, GalCop Cruisers customarily anchor support fleets in settled systems. However, heavy pirate activity can draw Cruisers into deep space. They are a match for any pirate vessel."

Titan - NPC only.
"The glory of the GalCop fleet, the Titan-class cruiser reduces piracy in a system by its mere presence. Titans lack nothing in state-of-the-art armaments and defenses."

Manchi Vulture - NPC only.
"In every encounter with GalCop ships, Manchi Vultures have attacked to kill, given no quarter, and have never accepted surrender. Exercise extreme caution."

Manchi Wasp - NPC only.
"These incredibly fast and maneuverable fighters appear to double as scouts, for they are often found deep inside GalCop space without evident support craft. Pilots often display suicidal attack tactics."

Download Links

Download OXP direct from Zieman's website

Download OXP from Box.Net