Energy banks

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The energybanks of a vessel can be regarded as its life-blood, once it runs out the ship will die. On every ship the HUD will have indicators to display the levels of juice available.

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All equipment is powered by these banks, including the shields, which contribute a considderable drain. When shield are depolarised, more hits will cause massive loss of power as the ships systems short out. Fortunately the banks are recharged continuously by the drive turbines.

Upgrading to the best

Extra Energy Units with improved efficiency to standard units can be purchased at medium to hightech (level8) starports, and will set you back a handsome 1500.0 creds.

New developments


What Spaceship? featured an article in the last edition about developments at a Naval research base, based on various stolen papers. Said papers were delivered anonymously to the editors of WS?. Judging from the usually airtight security at the Naval base in question, the thieves must have been professionals (possibly insiders)? The motivation behind the 'donation' is unknown the to WS?. editorial team "Maybe they were Starship Otaku" quipped Matt Yellow, an amphibian reporter of WS?.

According to the specs What Spaceship? mentions, this Naval Energy Unit is far superior in efficiency to current high-end civilian energyflux-rechargers. Navy officials were not available for comments.