Cobra 3-X OXP

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This is a ship WIP. Completion date projected in about 180 days Galactic Mean Time.


Well, it's obviously a Cobra Mark III but much improved over the original in specs and detail. Standard equipment will include:
Escape Pod x2
Extra Energy Unit
Fore and aft Military Lasers
Fuel Scoops
Shield Boosters
Witchspace Fuel Injectors

Additionally, it will have six internal equipment / weapon pylons serviced by two ventral tube launchers. There was some discussion about external pylons but it was quickly voted out as plain silly.

The EC launchers now have a turbo lift via the dorsal hull. When triggered, an explosive charge detonates removing the hull cap, allowing quick evacuation from the cockpit. The new EC models will have improved life support, directional controls, and much improved velocity.


Cobra3x 1.png
Cobra3x 2.png
Cobra3x 3.png
Cobra3x 4.png