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This Category lists all pages related to the Galaxy Guide.
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There is a Galaxy Guide available for [[Sector1/Index|Galaxy Sector 1]], [[Sector2/Index|Galaxy Sector 2]], [[Sector3/Index|Galaxy Sector 3]], [[Sector4/Index|Galaxy Sector 4]], [[Sector5/Index|Galaxy Sector 5]], [[Sector6/Index|Galaxy Sector 6]], [[Sector7/Index|Galaxy Sector 7]] and [[Sector8/Index|Galaxy Sector 8]]. Sectors 1 and 2 were created by [[User:Treczoks]]. Sectors 3 thru 8 were generated by [[User:Phkb]].
There is also the project page [[Autogenerated Galaxy Guide]] and my user page [[User:Treczoks]].

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