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Intro screen
Jump sequence
Docking sequence


Backgroundset (or short BGS) ships more than 130 sounds, images for all standard GUI-Screens and visual effects for docking/launching and hyperjumping. It enhances the overall look and feel of the game and is expandable and configurable.

Oolite will never be the same. It feels like a whole new game.


  • FX engine sounds for player ships.
  • Radio chatter when in the aegis of the main station.
  • FX when docked on standard GUI screens.
  • All natively supported sounds by Oolite.
  • Background images for all standard GUI screens.
  • Timed countdowns.
  • Visual effect for docking/launching, jumps and exits (only if shader support available).
  • OXPs can define own engine sounds, countdowns, chatter and docking sequence textures.
  • Configurable through Library.
  • Joystick throttle jitter handling.



Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage mediumMemory usage highGPU usage highisParentisChildisDocumentedisConfigurable
Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
2.4 2018-03-15 CC-by-nc-sa-4.0,
parts CC-by or PD
Effects, Images, Sounds Ambience OXPs Pagroove, PhantorGorth,
Thargoid, Tricky & Svengali