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Graceful giants cross the galaxies before our eyes. The forlorn Biodome, destined to forever wander the Ooniverse. The Cruiseship taking citizens to holiday planets. The Supercargo ferrying aid to the needy. The private Yacht filled with luxury and the prosaic Superlifter than helps giant ships get to their new homes or their final resting place. Now amended to make spectacular explosions as they try to dock less likely (sorry!)


This expansion pack introduces new ships:

Yacht - Amen Class

The OXP was written by Amen Brick.

Download Link

Amen Bricks Megaships (This version 1.1 contains a corrupted shipData.plist)

Difficulty Rating

"Noob". This OXP adds new ships. If you chose to install this OXP more variety is added to the game. This OXP simply adds more variety to the ships you will encounter in the space lanes. This OXP is a SHIPS OXP.

Version History

v1.0 Original, not released
v1.1 Made the ships much larger, centred them and made sure they were all going in the right direction. Scaled down the shielding and lessened the handling. Battleships and Hospitalships get military equipment, as do some yachts. Biodomes are unpiloted, but will flee if shot at. (autopilot, see?) Improved the texture of the yacht and the Supercargo. Made the names less generic to avoid conflict. Added the Police and Pirate Battleships. Added read me and image files to oxp.

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a file named "Amen Bricks Megaships.oxp". Move this file into Oolite's AddOns folder, these ships will then be available the next time Oolite is started.