Alien Items

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Alien Items cover by Blaze O' Glory

Alien items is an anthology of stories set in the Oolite universe.


This is a 232 page collection of short stories, edited by Drew Wagar, with contributions from Dylan Smith, Blaze O' Glory, El Viejo, DaddyHoggy, Commander Wvyern, Ganelon and Drew Wagar.

There are thirteen stories:

  • The Virtuous Misfortune - Dylan Smith - What happens when the captain and crew of a Python Class Cruiser recover some cargo that they didn't quite intend
  • Carver's Anarchy (Ganelon)
  • Nine (Drew Wagar) - About an attempt to reach the ninth chart and its tragic consequences
  • Calliope (Blaze O' Glory) - What can happen when the deal to ship some machinery is just too good to be true
  • Coyote (El Viejo)
  • Ascension (Drew Wagar) - What happens when a spaceship crashes on a pre-spacefaring world
  • Local Midnight at the Vacuum Bar (Blaze O' Glory)
  • Snake Charming (DaddyHoggy)
  • Schism (Drew Wagar) - About an anachronistic incident on a 'Generation Ship'
  • Vakume Danserz (Ganelon)
  • Negotiations of Failure (Commander Wvyern)
  • Lazarus (DaddyHoggy)
  • Replay (Drew Wagar) - About Thargoid mind experiments on humans


Alien Items is available in PDF (2.4Mb), EPUB (680Kb) and MOBI (1.4Mb) formats.