Alien Items

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Alien Items cover by Blaze O' Glory


This is a collection of short stories, edited by Drew Wagar, with contributions from Dylan Smith, Blaze O' Glory, El Viejo, DaddyHoggy, Commander Wvyern, Ganelon and Drew Wagar.

There are thirteen stories:

  • The Virtuous Misfortune - Dylan Smith
  • Carver's Anarchy - Ganelon
  • Nine - Drew Wagar
  • Calliope - Blaze O' Glory
  • Coyote - El Viejo
  • Ascension - Drew Wagar
  • Local Midnight at the Vacuum Bar - Blaze O' Glory
  • Snake Charming - DaddyHoggy
  • Schism - Drew Wagar
  • Vakume Danserz - Ganelon
  • Negotiations of Failure - Commander Wvyern
  • Lazarus - DaddyHoggy
  • Replay - Drew Wagar


Alien Items is available in PDF (2.4Mb), EPUB (680Kb) and MOBI (1.4Mb) formats.