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Place the Trading Assistant OXP into your "AddOns" folder. Head to a planet of technical level 9, or above, where you can purchase the Trading Assistant from the ship outfitters for 2012 credits. Trading Assistant will not be offered in the ship outfitters in communist systems.

Once purchased, the Trading Assistant will monitor your cargo trades in real time, and give an immediate warning if you are paying unusually high prices, or selling for low prices that are likely to result in unprofitable trading. Being an artificial intelligence, and not heavy equipment, Trading Assistant is portable between ships, and will stay with you if you buy a new ship in the shipyard.


If you wish to change the (not very) witty remarks included in the player alerts, open the OXP and - inside the "Config" folder - open the file named "script.js" using a text-editor. The section containing the texts of the player alerts is very near the top of the file, and clearly labelled.


Download from the box.


Please use this forum thread for questions, comments or difficulties related to this OXP.