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Just to say, I've bunged a couple of your Resource Pack pods into the images gallery on the Escape Pod page.

Cholmondeley 18:26, 21 May 2021 (BST)

By the way - have you ever tried contacting Charlie? I've seen his 2006 e-mail a couple of times dotted about the place. It's a shame he never finished his black hole! Or maybe he did and got swallowed up...

Feel free to use my images anywhere you like, they are not limited to "my" pages.

I never tried to contact Charlie, he never showed up for too many years. Thinking about his OXP's I better finish his WIP myself, he is even more "Ueber" than I am. :D

Montana05 06:51, 2021/05/22

I wonder if we could lure Mandoman back. I had a natter with him by "pm". This really the only game that he has ever played, and the constant criticism of his über-oxp's (and his inability to programme the AI's needed to make his fleets work) really put him off.

Oh - and I really wish we could lure Dybal back. Goodness! He was brilliant...

Cholmondeley 09:40, 7 June 2021 (BST)

Mandomans fleet is ueber, significant stronger than the core-ships but so are my ships. I guess nowadays the acceptance will be much higher. His designs are very creative, not all of his textures or models are my personal taste, but I do appreciate his work.

In short, having him back in the team would be an advantage. Dybal was great but I doubt we will ever hear from him again.

Montana05 15:57, 2021/06/07

New Wiki pages:

I feel that some of the more exciting but beta oxp's should go up - to tempt others to finish them, or cannibalise them for their own projects.

Specifically thinking of:

Z GrOovy HPC pack (2014) Dertien's Cobra & Sidewinder with landing wheels and other bits you can shoot off! - as discussed yesterday...

If I create the page would you be willing to fill in the gaps, please?

And - are there any others which need to be on our wiki? Cholmondeley 17:03, 10 June 2021 (BST)

Sure, if I can access the code I could complete the wiki pages, maybe even finish or rewrite the OXP's.

Montana05 07:31, 2021/06/11