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This is my personal opinion, however, it might be useful for players who have not yet discovered the richness the OXPs bring to the game.

NOTE: With 1.80, many of these are available as OXZ from the built-in Expansion Manager.

I recommend all new (or returning) players install at least some of the mods in the first section. The other mods are just my personal recommendations.

Bring Oolite into the 21st century

These are mostly cosmetic and should run on every machine capable of running vanilla Oolite.

Better Screens

Better Buoys

Display Reputation

Market Observer

Military Fuel Injectors

Naval Grid

Random Ship Names

Famous Planets

Distant Suns

Frontier-like experience

This is a list of mods a player may want to install if he/she wants an experience closer to FE 2/FFE.

System Redux (Oolite) / System Demux (Oolite) / Deep Horizons Systems + Stations for Extra Planets

Planetary Compass OXP

Planetfall OXP

New Cargoes

Frontier Style Equipment NOTE: this is made by me so that you have complete clarity

Registration ID


Bulk Haulers

Eagle Mk II


Griffin Two (Oolite)

Imperial Courier (Oolite)

Imperial Trader (Oolite)

Thargoid Warship (Flyable)


(most of this falls into the 'why isn't it in the game itself?!' category)

Dock Assist System_OXP

Destination ETA

Military Targeting System



Iron Hide

Repair Bots

Shield Equalizer & Capacitors

Eye candy

Chupacabra HUD

Numeric Style HUDs

Note: You know, those two HUDs can go together for 100% more enjoyment!

Background Sets

Realistic Stars

Zygo Cinematic Sky & Nebulas note: I recommend setting sky_n_stars to 10000 for performance reasons


Galactic Navy

Random Hits

UPS Courier




Snoopers note: amazingly cool maps if used with BGS

Trophy Collector

Hired Guns

Custom Shields note: I recommend setting this.customshieldsshieldtype to basic

Ooniverse (most of this falls into the 'why isn't it in the game itself?! category)

Anarchies (+ Anarchies Facelift if you're using Griff or running 1.79)


New Cargoes

Commander Zi Tweaks