Urutu Mark III & Urutu Mark IV

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This OXP adds two versions of the Uruta from the Archimedes version of Elite. Very pretty additions to the variety of mid-range craft in the Ooniverse!

Both ships are medium traders / fighters. Each version has a very detailed model and texture and each comes with its own unique custom HUD.

The ships are well balanced, similar in performance to the Cobra Mark III, with each ship having its own strengths and weaknesses.

The ships are available to both the player and NPCs. Being true multi-role ships, they are seen in the hands of traders, pirates and bounty hunters alike.

Ships in this OXP

Urutu MkIII sm.png
Uruta Mark III
Urutu MkIV sm.png
Uruta Mark IV


The Uruta Mark III and Uruta Mark IV can be downloaded from Oosat2.