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I want to carry people. What equipment do I need?

For each type of passenger transport you need a "cargo bay life support", and additional per person a "passenger cabin". Example: Transportation of 3 persons. It follows: 1x cargo bay life support and 3x passenger cabin.

I have arrived 3 minutes late. Will I still be deducted points?

Yes, but not as many. There are delays for a standard solution that provides a (relative) point deduction. In case of delays to 10 minutes much less points are deducted, the message of failure, however, remains the same. however, the following applies: If unsuccessful, one (also it will but none subtracted) gets no money, and it is at least twice the point value of the mission withdrawn.

Where can I take missions?

At the bar (market-bar) there are some interesting people. Since there are military missions (uniformed guest) and civilian missions (people at the tables). Besides the missions, there are also crew members (of bored people end), or contact persons for the illegal trade (dark figures) at the bar.

I have accepted a mission and flew into the corresponding system, but the mission is not ending

Be billed missions always only when one has at any station (public, private or mission) docked. This arrival is often the "Deadline" the mission! With package and passenger transport missions any station in the target system can be reached before the deadline. Directly upon arrival then there also the reward. For goods transport emissions is by the timely delivery of the goods at the new / next docking (no matter where) settled. For Accompanying and kill missions, the compensation will take place at the first dock on the success of the work. Also in photo and Bomb missions, but here must be returned to the originating system of the order. For photo missions to return to the deadline is required, otherwise the mission is considered a failure. In Rescue Missions with the expiry of the deadline occurs a bot attack on the towed ship, it must so hooked by this date in convoy, or there waiting Bot already be destroyed. The mission is considered to be fulfilled ("done") when the ship was then delivered to any station. The reward is obtained as usual at the next docking. , when a mission was not successful, or will be, its status changes to "missed". This is done either at the next docking mission with immediate cancellation and penalty, or directly from the expiry of the deadline.

How do I do escort missions?

Not just fly away. When accompanying emissions. You will receive in the inbox a convoy query that should be answered in the affirmative ("assume"). The convoy leader then starts the deadline of itself and takes with you. This can take quite a while! Note that escort missions have stronger enemies, as some transport missions. Following the adoption of the convoy no flights take place (station replacement, etc.), because it leads convoy is dissolved and you can not make it again. Escort missions are possible only with Hyperdrive, but not with wrap-drive.

How do I do assassination missions?

You must be up to the deadline in the target system - here the mission is only going on! The target ship then jumps to another system. Using a Hyperspace Cloud Analyser can ship under - are found objects the target. Then you have to immediately follow the ship and bring it in the new target system for distance before it docked at a station. The mission is also possible with wrap-drive, but difficult.

How do goods transport missions?

You must buy the required goods before yourself and then bring up the deadline to the finish. Note: It may be that the goods in the current system are not available. The target system is mostly uninhabited. The destination station is usually only visible when on arrival for ships - click objects. You should definitely bring enough fuel for the return flight.

I can only accept a limited number of missions, why?

There is a limit for the mission assumption which is calculated from the existing firings. The maximum number of acceptable emissions is the number of kills divided by two.

I have changed ship before a bombing mission, now the bomb is gone!

Unfortunately, when the vessel moves existing bombs are not transferred. However, since a fleet ship can not have these bombs is no longer available on the just abandoned ship. Thus, one case of a change of the ship during a bombing mission, the bomb loses completely and thus can no longer fulfill the mission. Therefore please make sure that after adoption of a bombing mission no longer ship changes are performed until the bomb has thrown.

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