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Hi, Dr Beeb.

I had written you a PM on the board first, but probably you haven't logged in since. I hope you don't mind that I've made a change in how you categorized your pages.

You have put every page related to your project a 'Category:Oolite'-tag. This resulted in the main Oolite index page being clogged with links to your pages. (Categorizing means to have the page appear in that index.) I think this is not useful. The main index should give quick reference to anything important. But it doesn't need potentially thousands(!) of entries under 'P', linking to each and every part of your project.

So I have started another category index specifically for your project. It's called Planet Scanner OXP and is a subcategory of Oolite Expansion Packs. I have put this main page of your project into both subcategories (the Oolite Expansion Packs, and its own Planet Scanner OXP), but also left it on the main Oolite index page, because your project should of course be accessible from there.

In all your 100 subpages I have changed the category entry to the new Planet Scanner OXP, so they will be completely listed in that subcategory index page. You could even go further than that, and create subcategories to that page, like this: First level: eight subcategories for the eight galaxies. Second level: 256 subcategories for each of the systems in each of the galaxy index pages. Third level: n subcategories for the number of planets in each system. Fourth level: o subcategories for the planet and its moon(s). Fifth level: p subcategories for each continent on the planet. Sixth level: each individual site gets categorized only on the page of its continent. Then you have everything nicely ordered, without having thousands of entries in the first index. Just a suggestion.


--Commander McLane 08:09, 8 January 2009 (UTC)