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HI, the navigation panel links to EliteWiki:Community_Portal but I've not seen annything like this around here. Greetings: Makarius 08:45, 18 January 2008 (UTC)

Hi - me again :) I made a short list of articles to be deleted (but don't know, where to put it). Greetings: Makarius 19:26, 26 May 2008 (BST)

spam bot

HI, User:734_buy_hytrin is a spam bot. I deleted the content on his user page (just check out the old version) -> plase delete the user. Greetings: Makarius 08:52, 29 June 2009 (BST)

Hi, some more spam bots occured. All names contain 'buy' or something alike. Greetings: Makarius 10:21, 6 July 2009 (BST)

Hi Winston, can I help to clean up? I've seen that there're again new 'users' who have created pages. Just tell me what to do (here or per pm). Svengali 22:18, 10 July 2009 (BST)

Hi, I collected some pages to delete via link at my user page. Can we collect them somewhere, where some mod is checking and deleting them? You are the only Mod (and SysOp) here. Greetings: Makarius 07:31, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Parser functions extension

Hi Winston, any chance that the parser functions extension gets installed?