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SandJ thinking ...

"Today the Order of the Black Monks routinely doles out billions of credits worth of loans and receives almost ten times that amount in repayments each working day."

2048 systems, 100 Commanders in each, 100k credits needed for a loan for a ship once every 2 years, plus loans for rock hermits, seedy space bars, liners ... goodness gracious, it could actually work out at hundreds of millions of credits loaned out per day. If the governments of the systems themselves are also borrowing money, then the statement above could be accurate.

I coded the interest rate in this OXP as a reference to the Blackadder II episode “Money” and as satire of the lending situation at the time. 6 years later it seems to be true in the UK. In real life in Dec 2013 the UK Pay Day Loan companies such as Wonga charge the desperate 3000% APR entirely lawfully. So if in Real Life you are desperate enough to borrow 100 Credits for a year from the Black Monks at Wonga, you pay back 3,000 Credits or are exterminated. And the Real Life GapCop of the UK allows it. Truth is Stranger than fiction! This is an outrage and must be stopped. (LittleBear - very pissed off having represented a 65 year old client as unpaid duty solicitor whom the state wanted to commit to prison as she had been arrested on warrent for not paying her council tax as all her money had being taken from her account by Wonga by direct debit).