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Overview over Galaxy Sector 1

Sector1 OverViewMap.png

Systems in Galaxy Sector 1

See Systems in Galaxy Sector 1 for a detailed list.



The Vector Maps

This excellent piece of digital art adds routes and regions to every Galaxy Sector. Vector Map -- print version --US Mirror

Routes and Regions

In Sector 1, there are four major Spaceways:

There are also eight established regions in Sector 1:

The Dark Wheel

The Dark Wheel is the novella that was packaged with the original Elite. It features the systems Lave, Tionisla, and Xesaor in the first sector, and the fictional systems Raxxla and Cirac.

Status Quo and Mutabilis

Status Quo and Mutabilis are two novellas by Drew Wagar, and tell the story of Rebecca Weston, an elite combateer from Tianve. Other planets featured include: Zaonce, Tionisla, Lave, Onrira, Sotiqu and Oresrati.

Rise of The Kirin

Rise Of The Kirin is a PDF novella bundled with the kirin.oxp collaboratively written by Wyvern and Clym Angus. Features and describes several minor systems in Galaxy Sector one.

Calliope – a Captain Hesperus adventure

Calliope - a Captain Hesperus adventure is a PDF novella by Blaze O'Glory concerning the unorthodox activities of Captain Hesperus in several systems of Sector 1 – principally Inines, Qudira and Teen.

The Rough Guide to the Ooniverse

The Rough Guide to the Ooniverse is a series of articles that describes several systems of the first sector.

The Traders Almanach

The Traders Almanach gives trading advice and more.