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This page is an overview of the ships in the Second Wave OXP.

Thargoid Warships

  • Tough (Red) - A generally tougher ship, which release their drones much earlier and have improved stats.
  • Battle Damaged - Previously have been in combat, and still show some of the damage. Having little left to give, there have been reports of these vessels ramming ships as a last ditch effort.
  • Command (Yellow) - Aloof ship, the only Thargoid vessels ever known to flee. They tend to leave a surprise or two to keep the unwary Commander occupied whilst they do.
  • Stealth (Blue) - Also known as the Ghost Thargoid, these ships carry technology which allows them to fade from sight and scanner. Catch it if you can!
  • Sniper (White) - Fast and agile, they tend to shoot from range where they can.

Thargon Robot Fighters

  • Tough (Red) - Tougher and better armed, these fighters are known to fight on even when their mothership has been destroyed.
  • Battle Damaged - These Thargons have been in combat before, and are known to go dead and uncontrolled before the fight is through.
  • Thargmine (Yellow) - Little is known of these drones, as they seem programmed to explode violently.
  • Armoured (Blue) - A better armed and equipped fighter, but still under control of the mothership.
  • Kamikaze (White) - Fighters which target ships and ram them whilst self destructing. Broadly equivalent to human missile technology.
  • Ghost (Grey) - Drones which seem to be specially constructed so as not to appear on the scanner, whilst still doing all sorts of damage.

OXP Download

Download link via Second Wave OXP page.