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Galaxy 1 : Lave System : Lave Lave : Ernith sites

Tertiary sites (on Lave planet Lave) of Ernith, starting with most significant:
# 149. Very high activity in city Suuklulu, a dependent of the Domain of Ernith.
Elevation 35 m, Long : 48.482 E/W, Lat : 40.822 N/S
Area (366.19 km)^2 , Prod = 8.1 M Cr Pop 1.6 M (Human Colonials)
TL : -2 Scheduled transporter service available.
Local Politics : Represented regional Dictatorship, Economics : Poor Ind.
Description : The city Suuklulu is cursed by deadly civil revolt.
# 89. Very low activity in village Asmeeb, a dependent of the Domain of Ernith.
Elevation 761 m, Long : 41.355 E/W, Lat : 39.582 N/S
Area (0.81 km)^2 , Prod = 22.5 Cr Pop 12 (Human Colonials)
TL : -29 No space-faring technology identified.
Local Politics : Represented communal Dictatorship, Economics : Average Agri.
Description : Deleted unverifiable entry.


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