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Miscellaneous is a catch-all header for the things which don't fit anywhere else including Development and International Localization).

Used categories are: Utilities, Development, International, Other.

Please keep the description as short as possible - it's just to give a flavour of what the OXP is about.

Sortable Table : OXP authors edit this

Category OXP Name and Brief Description Author Date Ver
Utilities Display Reputation displays your passenger and contract reputation in your ship's manifest 1.74.x
Utilities Docking Clearance sets the docking clearance on for all stations in Oolite 1.74.x
Utilities Illicit Unlock allows the player to fly all the Classic Elite Ships 1.74.x
Utilities Illicit Unlock - Griff Version allows the player to fly ships from Griff's Normalmapped Ships Griff 1.74.x
Utilities Save Anywhere allows you to save your game at any OXP Station Frame 1.74.x
Utilities TAF Reset resets the Time Acceleration Factor (TAF) to 1.0 upon docking 1.74.x
Development BigShips OXP adds role "bigTrader" for large ships too big to dock with stations Thargoid,Eric Walsh 1.74.x
Development OXPConfig enables changing internal settings to toggle logging, audio functions, special settings Svengali 20090904 1.74.x
International Oolite German Marc Schaffer 1.71
International Oolite Italiano v1.3 1.74.x
International Oolite Russian v1.0 1.74.x
International Oolite en français 1.74.x