Moray (Classic)

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Moray Star Boat
Dimensions 65 x 25 x 60
Cargo capacity 7 TC
Armaments Geret Starseeker
Maximum speed 0.25 LM
In-service date 3028 AD, Marine
Trench Co
Maneuverability CF 4
Crew 6
Drive motors Turbulen Quark
Re-charger Mode
Hull stress factor T Ko T24
Hyperspace capable Yes
Game versions Classic


Developed initially as a submarine flyingboat, Marine Trench Co. soon say the possibilities for extending their operations into space and the Moray SFB became the Star Boat after its ingenious adaptations were completed. Aquatic space-faring races are the main users of this multi-purpose vessel, whose hull is able to withstand the pressures of depths of up to 5500 fathoms. Standard fittings include: highpower seal locks, 2 torpedo tube/single missile pods and flood-lock cabins for subaquatic life-forms.


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