Falcon S (Oolite)

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Falcon-S 01.PNG
Size (W×H×L) 54m×13m×76m
Cargo capacity 100 TC
Cargo bay extension Unknown
Maximum speed 0.52 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 1.6
Pitch: 1.2
Energy banks Unknown
Energy recharge rate

Excellent (5.0)

Gun mounts Fore, Aft, Sides
Missile slots 8
Shield boosters available No
Military shields available No
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard Yes
Available to player Yes
Base price 825,000 Cr


Overheard conversation in the Benulobiweed Inc. boardroom which was published by SPACE:

Q. "I told you not to go spending money on pointless toys !"
A. "What toys ?"
Q. "That bloody great hologram of a Falcon over there ! - Nice paint job by the way ..."
A. "Umm, it's ..."
Q. "Hey, it's solid ! Got any plasters ?"
A. "Here. It's a Falcon"
Q. "How much this time ?"
A. "Don't you want to know how we made a see-through ship? No-one else has got one."
Q. "H o w , m u c h ?"
A. "Didn't cost a penny." Q. "You've not been nicking stuff from GalCop again? !!"
A. "No boss. Found a load of this weird paint in a couple of the YT-1300's we imported. No-one has asked for it back ..."
Q. "Free then ... ?"
A. "Money hasn't changed hands if that's what you mean."
Q. "Hmmm, invisible ships ?"
A. "Slightly transparent." Q. "We're the only manufacturer outside the military with stealth technology. We'll make a fortune !"
A. "Makes no difference on scanners."
Q. "Not stealth then ?"
A. "No."
Q. "Looks kind-a cool. Make it a manufacturer's option on all Falcon's."
A. "Is that wise ? We didn't buy the paint & I thought you didn't want any more attention."
Q. "Glad you agree. Slap another 100,000 on the list-price for the option."
A. "Benulobiweed getting expensive again ?"
Q. "You bet."

(source: readme.txt Kestrel&Falcon.OXP)


This ship is based on the YT-1300 light freighter from the Star Wars universe. More background information and lore could be found at Benulobiweed Inc..


The Falcon is found in the Kestrel & Falcon OXP.


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